For School

Schools are where Bubble Gum Day began! The holiday has been celebrated by students around the world. 

Want to join the fun?

On Bubble Gum Day, kids (and teachers) who donate 50¢ or more get to chew gum at school. The school collects the money and then donates it to any charity. 

A few helpful tips:

  • First, get permission from your principal!
  • Have students vote on the recipient of Bubble Gum Day proceeds.
  • Make sure kids keep their gum wrappers or hand out scraps of paper for “ABC” gum.  (ABC = Already Been Chewed!) Show younger students where to dispose of their gum.
  • Provide alternatives for kids who can’t chew gum, such as another sweet treat or pink balloons to blow up like a bubble.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of photos, it’s going to be a memorable day! 
  • Posting to social media? Use hashtags #bubblegumday and #nationalbubblegumday.

Need inspiration for curriculum connections?

  • Download the Bubble Gum Day Activity Guide
  • Bubble Gum Day was originally inspired by the picture book Lester Fizz, Bubble Gum Artist. The beloved book is currently out of print, but copies are still available in many libraries and on Amazon. For more information about Ruth Spiro and her books, visit her website.
  • Watch a clip from the ARTE France documentary, filmed at an elementary school in Illinois.